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We are pleased to announce the addition of Anthony Polini and Nicole Gulino
to American Capital Partners, LLC.

Anthony will be joining as the Director of Research and will be responsible for the
addition of a new research department at ACP, specializing in the Banking industry.

Anthony was previously a Sell Side analyst at Raymond James Financial. He has
worked at several firms since then including, Pru-Bach Securities, A.G. Edwards,
Midwest Research, and Advest, Inc. Throughout the years he has received
numerous professional accolades and has been frequently quoted by the press.
He appears regularly on CNBC, as well as various TV news and business
programs. He earned his B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from the University
of Pennsylvania and has an MBA in Finance from St. John's University.

Nicole will be joining as Senior Research Analyst and will be responsible for the
development of research for the firm. Nicole was previously Senior Research
Associate at Raymond James Financial and predominantly focused on Northeast-
based regional and community banks. She earned her B.S. in Business
Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing from
Boston University.


American Capital Partners, LLC has provided information pursuant to SEC
Rule(s)605 and 606 that requires firms to make publicly available, quarterly
reports on the firm's order routing practices. Currently all American Capital
Partners, LLC orders are routed through its clearing agent RBC Correspondent
Services or routed internally through our institutional platform. Orders executed
by American Capital Partners Institutional Desk maybe be viewed via the Tag
Audit Group.

For Options Order Routing Reporting please view the same Order Routing
Link under the "Listed Options" tab.


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